how crate depot works
packing boxes

We Deliver

The packing boxes are dropped off at your doorstep.

moving crates

You Move

Fill the packing boxes and take 'em where you want to.

boxes for moving

We Pick-Up

Relax and unpack! We come get the plastic storage boxes .

boxes for moving

You Save

You can save up to 50% on your moving.

FREE Delivery and pick-up for orders $75 and above

Our goal is to make your move as seamless and pleasant as possible

moving crates
  • NO assembling
  • Our plastic moving crates are much more environmentally friendly compared to cardboard boxes for moving.
  • Easily stackable.
  • Our moving boxes are water resistant
  • Your valuables are much more protected than with cardboard
  • No hauling off storage crates, we come pick them up, saving you time after you've already moved

 moving crates


What our customer say

My family and I used Crate Depot for an in-town move in Orlando. We couldn't have been more pleased! The service, pricing and professionalism really shine through with this company. And with a little baby, we barely had time to pack much less assemble and deal with traditional cardboard moving boxes .

- Erin Johnson

packing boxes